The Easiest Tire Inventory Program Available...

My Tire List and Tire Inventory Solutions have joined forces to give you a better tire management and promotion experience. Same easy program, same pricing. Please open a free account at

How Do You Access New and Used Tire and Wheel Information?

A handwritten list? Excel spreadsheet? A non-tire specific program? No list at all? My Tire List is designed for tire shops that don’t want a complicated tire inventory management system. Keep a simple list very much like you do now, access tire and wheel information from any computer, mobile device or from a printed list. Enjoy big time savings at the front counter and a boost in sales without any extra time or effort. Our simple tire management and promotion program can be learned and started in minutes. Start with a free trial, then continue for $1 to $3 per day to save time at the counter and boost sales without any extra time or effort.

My Tire List

✓Add dozens of tires to inventory at once.
✓Easy management on computer or mobile device.
✓Display stock on social media or any website in seconds.
✓Display wholesale and retail pricing.
✓Customers can order from you online.
✓Perfect for seasonal tire and wheel storage too!

My Tire List Plus

✓All the same features plus...
✓Integrating invoicing on computer and mobile.
✓Automatic stock reduction with each invoice.
✓Invoice history and lookup.
✓Sales Reporting.
✓Promotion on the Global Inventory page.

New and Used Inventory Management. Easy as a Paper List or Spreadsheet...

Our program is specifically designed for stores that aren’t interested in complicated tire management software with a big learning curve or large price tag. Keeping track of new and used tires and wheels with our online tire management program is as easy and takes less time than most paper lists or spreadsheet programs used by tire shops use today. The My Tire List app collects the same information plus pictures in as little as 10 seconds per tire. There is no faster, easier or cost effective way to collect new and used tire and wheel inventory information. Learn and start using the program in as little as 15 minutes. No contracts and no credit card required to start.

More Than Just Inventory Management. Inventory Promotion...

Each account comes with a free webpage displaying your entire stock. No set up or maintenance is required. Updates are automatic as your tire shop's inventory changes. Use it as your shops webpage and Link it to Craigslist, Facebook, or any other site. Have a site already? Link it to your current homepage and tell your customers your inventory is now online! Customers view and order new and used tires and wheels 24/7 right from the page. You receive an order by email and sell to them in the usual way. A huge time saver for both you and your customer.

Testimonial 1

At first I was doubtful the program was as easy as the website claimed, but it really is! My staff got the hang of it in about 30 minutes! Super easy to learn and put in place.
Rob Barnes, Fresno California

Testimonial 2

We are so happy we found My Tire List. Its so much more efficient than the paper list we used to keep for our new tires. Now we keep a used list too! All our guys do their job so much more efficiently.
Mary Ellen B, Cleveland, Ohio

Testimonial 3

Love the free website feature, We linked it to our store’s website and really have increased new and used tire sales and it didn’t cost me a penny.
Hank C, Kansas

Testimonial 4

We just opened up our used tire shop and looked for a way to keep track of our tires and wheels efficiently. This was exactly what we needed. We virtually run our shop with our phone now. Great price too!
Brianne S, Washington

Boost Sales

Your inventory is copied to your own webpage. Your customers can search your inventory and order tires and wheels right from the page.

Better Access

Online access opens new opportunities to save time and improve sales of new and used tires and wheels. You’ll be amazed with the benefits.

New Customers

Include your web address in any social media posts, printing and advertising you do. Promote all your inventory with every ad and post.

Save Time

With an inventory list accessible on your phone and any PC, answer customer inquiries up to 80% faster. Stop running to check inventory.

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