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Be the first to introduce My Tire List to any owner or manager and we'll pay you $50 for each referral. The company gets a full 30 days of service FREE by entering your referral ID on the sign up page during the sign up process. Apply for one ID, and use it to refer as many new clients as you like.

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Step 1

Fill out the referral ID form below, then check your email for your FREE referral ID number.

Step 2

Introduce the program to any owner or manager directly, or send an email to your contacts using the form below.

Step 3

They get 30 days free with your referral code. You get $50 after the first 2 months of paid service is received.**

Step 4

Sign in to your referral account with the your ID and password. Track how much you earned and how much is yet to come.

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* 30 days includes the first 15 days already offered with each new account.
** Payment from referred accounts begins 30 days after initial sign up and then every 30 days thereafter. Referrals are paid in the form of a check mailed within 30 days of the receipt of the 2nd payment. No limit to the number of accounts that can be referred.

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